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Clark "Cheech" Pierce


Clark "Cheech" along with Curtis Fry, is an owner of Fly Fish Food. He ties a few flies now and again when he's not busy modeling plus size clothing. and messing up inventory. He has tied and fished for many years and is a contract fly designer for Fulling Mill. Many of his flies, such as, the Baby Fat Minnow, the Cheech Leech, and the award winning Mousey McMouseface are produced through Fulling Mill and are available throughout the world.   His most notable accomplishment in fly tying is that he once tied 65 San Juan worms in 20 minutes, and eating a Big Mac in 4 bites ... Cheech resides in Riverton, Utah with his wife, three kids who are infinitely smarter than him, and a loveable Wirehaired Pointing Griffon named Squatch. Instagram @iamunclecheech

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