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River Patrons

Fishing For The Fight wouldn't be able to offer the world-class fishing experience that we do, without the generous donation of our River Patrons. Our river patrons graciously allow our fishermen and women onto their property, most of these waters are only fished during this tournament!


Batchelor Family of Georgia

Kent Thorne

Bob and Florence Beard

Bousman Family

Copeland Family

Dennis Schroeder

Doc & Jane Johnston

Fox Ranch (Spencer Eccles)

Gil Winters

Grant Ranch

Tony Hood

Kelly Cornell

Jack and Mary Vogt

Jason Spaeth

Jay Michael & Kerry Majhanovich

Jim Bob and Dahlia Griffin

Jim Finley

John and Kim Iorillo

Keith Manning

Boot Jack Angus Ranch (Jim & Margaret Noble)

Kendall Family

Larry & Linda Whitaker

Lary Lozier

Matt & Lorena Roos

McGinnis Family

Mike & Tara Miller

Mosquito Ranch

Steve Hoffman

New Fork Social Club

Pam Chrisman

Rocky & Kathy Bennett

Ross Hocker

Scott & Tara Roseman

Tyler & Julie Bell

Vickery Family

Dan Huish

Kelley Cornell

Hawkes Family

Nathan Hager

Jackson Fork Ranch

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