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Hank Kuntzelman

Hank grew up in a military family, moving all over the lower-48 as a kid. He discovered his love of fly-fishing at a young age on a family trip to the Teton Valley. That trip sparked a journey of fly-fishing trips and jobs around the world. Hank went to college at Montana State, guiding, and managing a fly-shop in Ennis, Montana along the way. After attending school in Bozeman, Hank moved full-time to the Madison valley to work and play across southwest Montana. Never turning down the chance for adventure, he made multiple saltwater trips to Belize, Bahamas, Louisiana, and Florida at a young age. A few years later Hank chased the endless guide summer and took on the role of lodge manager of Martin Pescador Lodge in Patagonian Chile. Hank now lives in Bozeman and works on the Bahamas, Belize and Alaska programs for Yellow Dog Flyfishing.

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