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Scott Sanchez


Scott started fly fishing and fly tying at the age of 12. He has worked in the fly fishing industry for over twenty years. This includes being fishing manager at Jack Dennis Sports, wholesale manager at Dan Bailey’s, tying flies commercially, fly consulting work for Dan Bailey’s, working at the Austin Angler, being the first Texas sales representative for Scott Fly Rods, and is now the manager of JD High Country Outfitters.

Scott is a member of the Scott Rods Pro Staff and Whiting Hackle Pro Staff. Scott has written articles and sold photos to American and Japanese publications, and his photos have won regional and national awards.

​He writes the fly tying column for American Angler. He wrote the first beginner saltwater fly tying book, Introduction to Saltwater Fly Tying and A New Generation of Trout Flies. His book The Never Ending Stream is about the tiers and flies that have influenced him. It uses his artistic photos of the flies, drawings, and writings to tell the history of flies and fly tying. He contributed to the Teton Park chapter of The 25 Best National Parks to Flyfish. In 1994, he received Peter Crosby Memorial Sportsmanship Award from the Jackson Hole One Fly.

​In 2007, he received the Arnold Gingrich Lifetime Achievement Award for literature from the Federation of Fly Fishers and in 2010 he was the recipient of the Buz Busek award for his contributions to the world of fly tying. In 2014 Scott won the first FFF Iron Fly Contest. Scott has been the featured guide on a number of national TV programs. He is considered one of the most innovative fly tyers in the world. During the annual Jackson Hole One Fly he is in high demand for his flies that have fooled and lasted over a hundred fish.

​He has thirty years of experience fishing in the Greater Yellowstone area. He has fly fished for numerous species in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, California, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Florida, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, California, the Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Brazil, Belize, and France.

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