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Tom Grogan


The thrill and excitement of fly fishing run through Tom’s veins. Growing up in the mountains of Wyoming, the spirit of adventure constantly called and was consistently answered. At age 15, he purchased his first fly rod, and with a furrowed brow and a lot of grit, he set out to learn the art of fly fishing. It was in the slow meandering waters of the North Platte River he learned it was indeed an art, a meticulous beautiful art. Over the last 20 years, he has chased fish all over the state and all over the continent with none more satisfying than Wyoming’s native cutthroat trout. Through his adventures, the sport has taught him many things, but two words can best describe its lessons: Passion and Patience.

Tom is in his 12th year as a history/leadership teacher and football coach at Natrona County High School. Although teaching hormonal 15-year-old students can be an arduous job, the unraveling of tippet with frozen fingers and long floats on debris-filled rivers during runoff has given him an edge in patience. On the football field, his passion for coaching the offensive line has also taught him an invaluable lesson: servant leadership. In a world filled with endless possibilities for personal gain, Tom has been drawn toward the vision of Fishing for the Fight: helping people at one of the lowest points of their lives. He takes pride in serving those around him and gets excited to help others, especially those who want to fish!

In addition, to fly fishing, Tom is an avid fly tier, woodworker, and the founder of the youth leadership conference LIFT Wyoming. He has served on the board of the Wyoming Fly Casters and has worked on a number of conservation projects on his home waters. He can be found frequently teaching people of all ages how to fly cast, tie flies, untangle knots, and plan for new adventures.

Tom currently lives on the North Platte River in Casper Wyoming with his wife Sommer and two children Kellan and Elise.

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